Bits on site development

  I worked setting up websites, designing them, keeping them running and free of garbage, adding content, and many other tasks.  Here is a quick list of things I learnt along the way.   1) Keep domains separate from hosting First, I must cop to the (likely biased) opinion that DIY (do-it-yourself) websites are a [...]

Assorted testings

  I've been testing a few things in the last days:  Websites for photographers/galleries, KDE with Cairo Dock and Gnome Shell.   KDE with Cairo Dock It works nicely but after one of the last updates it started acting up. For example, as you can see in the screenshot, it has that annoying black square [...]

Why sharing is important in WordPress

  A friend of mine has a blog but disabled all kind of interaction with it.  Is he insane?  Well, no, he simply misunderstood what this is all about.  So let's take a look at it.   Comments, why and what for Comments are there to permit readers to show interest, support or even add [...]

Changing themes in WordPress

  A friend of mine who's starting with WordPress asked me how to change themes.  I was going to reply directly when I realised that it was going to be too long for Messenger.  Plus, I should send some screenshots to clarify.  Conclusion:  I'm writing a post.   First, you go to Appearance => Themes [...]