My first Fedora Classroom

  Last Monday I gave my first online talk/class.  You can read about it in this article in Fedora Magazine. It was streamed on Youtube in Fedora Channel and you can see the recording there.  My voice sounds horrible, way worse than what I thought, and way too loud.  I'm truly sorry for that, because [...]

New old issues with locales

You may remember my issues about desktops, keyboards and languages on Fedora 27; I wrote about them some time ago. Now I wanted to switch back my locales to British English and I had the same problem as before, Gnome Shell translates everything even software names, but KDE shows itself half German half English.  I [...]

Fedora 25 after sprint

  With a new Translation Sprint coming, let’s see what happened last year’s FAD.     Languages The teams with most translated words during the sprint were Czech and Brazilian Portuguese, followed by French, Hungarian and Polish.  It’s worth to highlight that Polish had only one translator, Piotr Drąg (FAS: Raven). Software Some programmes had a [...]