Video editing with OSS

  If you're into video editing, whether professionally or amateur, and you prefer to use Open Source tools, here's an article for you.  Although is aimed to Fedora users, Pitivi is available in about all Linux distributions.   Hope it's useful to you, and thanks for reading!

Why I decided to start over with a novel

  I wrote this novel years ago as a game with some friends on Google+ Time passed, and I thought I could rewrite it and put it on a website of its own so it doesn't go missing like so many things I wrote on social media. So here it is the new website, with … Continue reading Why I decided to start over with a novel

Novi Sad

  After the Release Party in the Informatik & Mathematik campus, some people wanted to show me the city before I'd leave. So these two girls who came with me to the event took me to the riverside to show me the Donau (Danube)  and the fortress in Petrovaradin.  Incidentally we also witnessed a beautiful … Continue reading Novi Sad