Riot for Fedora!

  Riot has now a RPM-based client, so anyone willing to install it on Fedora can do and it's compatible with F28, F29 & F30. Riot also has versions for OpenSuse Leap & Tumbleweed and for RHEL and CentOS. More info, check their Github repository:      

Contributing to Fedora

  If you want to contribute to Fedora but you haven't skills or experience enough to package or add code/patches, you can contribute with testing. You can set testing repositories for your whole system or just for one or two packages you're interested in. In this articles is explained how:    

If you’re a TSB user…

  If you're in UK chances are that you have been affected by the TSB disaster.  If so, you may want to be aware of scammers and phishing that already in the hunt of fools. Please, check this article: Also, remember that mobile banking is insecure no matter what companies say.  More often than [...]