A teaser

I'm preparing an Assembly for Fedora to be deployed in Leipzig by the end of the year.  More about this in a future post I'm preparing.  In the meantime, I leave this teaser, a review about some sort of amazing earbuds that are... well, not so amazing. Google Earbuds      

NASA software catalogue

Do you love coding? Do you love sciences? Do you love testing stuff even if it's unrelated to your work or daily life?  Here there's something for you! NASA has just released their software database including the source code from all their projects.  This means you're free to use, test, read and modify the programmes.  [...]

Fly Your Ideas 

Do you love aircraft? Are you interested in the future of aviation?  A friend of mine from the Fedora Community, Amit, and myself we are participating in Airbus hackathon  "Fly Your Ideas".  We need at the least another member, so don't hesitate to contact us if you want to join. Twitter  @SylBlackmore Facebook   /HakaseSylvia [...]