Riot for Fedora!

  Riot has now a RPM-based client, so anyone willing to install it on Fedora can do and it's compatible with F28, F29 & F30. Riot also has versions for OpenSuse Leap & Tumbleweed and for RHEL and CentOS. More info, check their Github repository:      

Go social in WordPress!

I explained in my previous post what and why socialising is good.  Now I'm going to explain how to do this.   Widgets, buttons & more When it comes about sharing and interaction, the first stop is  Themes => Customise.  You'll see a screen similar to the one in the screenshot above. Options vary according [...]

Why sharing is important in WordPress

  A friend of mine has a blog but disabled all kind of interaction with it.  Is he insane?  Well, no, he simply misunderstood what this is all about.  So let's take a look at it.   Comments, why and what for Comments are there to permit readers to show interest, support or even add [...]

Fedora 25 after sprint

  With a new Translation Sprint coming, let’s see what happened last year’s FAD.     Languages The teams with most translated words during the sprint were Czech and Brazilian Portuguese, followed by French, Hungarian and Polish.  It’s worth to highlight that Polish had only one translator, Piotr Drąg (FAS: Raven). Software Some programmes had a [...]