Hello Glas Éireann!

  I'm all set to depart to Ireland. I'll be visiting Dublin, Cork and Belfast.  As most of you surely know, the island is divided in the Republic of Ireland (unrelated to the Commonwealth and part of the EU, using common currency)  and Northern Ireland (part of the United Kingdom and using British Pounds). It … Continue reading Hello Glas Éireann!


My no-experience of the Congress

  So the Chaos Communication Congress came and left and I ended stuck in Stuttgart with a lot of swag and 50€ less in my bank account. This horrible failure happened for a number of reasons that I'll list below.  Please, don't take this as an excuse or a complaint, it's a brief of facts … Continue reading My no-experience of the Congress

A teaser

I'm preparing an Assembly for Fedora to be deployed in Leipzig by the end of the year.  More about this in a future post I'm preparing.  In the meantime, I leave this teaser, a review about some sort of amazing earbuds that are... well, not so amazing. Google Earbuds