New old issues with locales

You may remember my issues about desktops, keyboards and languages on Fedora 27; I wrote about them some time ago. Now I wanted to switch back my locales to British English and I had the same problem as before, Gnome Shell translates everything even software names, but KDE shows itself half German half English.  I … Continue reading New old issues with locales


Why sharing is important in WordPress

  A friend of mine has a blog but disabled all kind of interaction with it.  Is he insane?  Well, no, he simply misunderstood what this is all about.  So let's take a look at it.   Comments, why and what for Comments are there to permit readers to show interest, support or even add … Continue reading Why sharing is important in WordPress

A teaser

I'm preparing an Assembly for Fedora to be deployed in Leipzig by the end of the year.  More about this in a future post I'm preparing.  In the meantime, I leave this teaser, a review about some sort of amazing earbuds that are... well, not so amazing. Google Earbuds