Riot for Fedora!

  Riot has now a RPM-based client, so anyone willing to install it on Fedora can do and it's compatible with F28, F29 & F30. Riot also has versions for OpenSuse Leap & Tumbleweed and for RHEL and CentOS. More info, check their Github repository:      

Gnome Recipes goes to OpenSuSe

I've been using OpenSuSe. There was no chance at sight of changing it for Fedora, so I carried on with the system I had at hand.  This gave me some interesting chances to test and try different things.   Some background I succesfully used Gnome Recipes in Fedora for some weeks.  Well, since I learnt [...]

Update on touchpad issues

  As you could read in this post I experienced issues with my touchpad for a month or so before finding  (almost by luck)  the solution.  Now I come to know that this solution is Fedora specific.  I recently installed OpenSuSe in my laptop and went to the touchpad configuration.  As I expected  (SuSe uses [...]