Video editing with OSS

  If you're into video editing, whether professionally or amateur, and you prefer to use Open Source tools, here's an article for you.  Although is aimed to Fedora users, Pitivi is available in about all Linux distributions.   Hope it's useful to you, and thanks for reading!

About Codecs and Fedora

  It's well known that Fedora ships free software only, except for some firmware in order to boot.  But unlike Debian that has a non-free repository, Fedora offers no options to those who want to install closed source software.  This is because of legal issues; as Fedora relies on Red Hat Enterprise they have to [...]

Mixxxing your music

This is a translated and enhanced version of a Spanish article posted on Desde Linux. Mixxx is a recording and DJ console.  Works with different formats and allow you to do interesting things with your songs.  It is in its 2.0 version and it's available from repos in Fedora as well as other distributions. It [...]