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About Codecs and Fedora


It’s well known that Fedora ships free software only, except for some firmware in order to boot.  But unlike Debian that has a non-free repository, Fedora offers no options to those who want to install closed source software.  This is because of legal issues; as Fedora relies on Red Hat Enterprise they have to follow the same rules and Red Hat, as a USA based company, has to avoid everything related to copyright.

This is why Fedora never shipped codecs except those that are open source. People who want to listen to their usual music files have to install some third party software or repository to get them working.


Some background

Every audio and video format needs two sets of codecs: for decoding and for encoding.

Patents don’t cover the file format itself, but the codecs you need to process it.  This means that every file format has two patents, one for decoders and another for encoders.

Encoding means you’re editing a file and saving it in a specific format.  Examples of this are the use of Audacity and KDEnlive.

Decoding means you’re listening or watching a file without modifying it.  Examples of this are the use of Totem and Clementine.


Good news!

The good news are that the patents for encoding and decoding MP3 and AC3  had expired, and Cisco made an agreement with RH related to H264, so now it is legally possible for Fedora to offer these codecs from repositories.

This means that those who install Fedora 25 will be able to listen to their music out of the box and can install the codecs needed for editing music from repositories. Those who installed Fedora 24 can install the codecs from repositories as well, if they didn’t install them via third party.  And those who will install Fedora 26 will get all the codecs for free out of the box!


Happy listening, Fedorians and thanks for reading!





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Mixxxing your music

This is a translated and enhanced version of a Spanish article posted on Desde Linux.

An empty Mixxx window.

Mixxx is a recording and DJ console.  Works with different formats and allow you to do interesting things with your songs.  It is in its 2.0 version and it’s available from repos in Fedora as well as other distributions.

It works on tracks at real time like any DJ console.  Mixxx started back in 2001 and it uses C++, QT, JavaScript and XML.  It comes with configurable skins and up to 4 desktops to work in.  It uses the main formats such as  MP3, M4A/AAC, Ogg Vorbis, Opus, FLAC, WAVE, and AIFF.  But beware!  It doesn’t allow to modify the file and save the modifications.  You can save a playlist though.

This second version comes with these features:

  • Dynamic and scalable skins:  You can show or hide any part or tool in the programme you need.
  • MasterSync : You can align all the tracks even if you’re modifying the speed on one of them.
  • New effects: Every channel has its own separated mixing effects.
  • RGB waveforms: inside a waveform you can identify different sounds, each one with its own pitch, bass, vocal and so on.
  • Cover/artworks reading: you can visualize any artwork coming with the music or added later.

Other features:

  • Parallel or split scratchable waveform displays
  • Waveform summaries
  • Spinning vinyl widgets
  • Cover Art
  • MP3, OGG, WAVE, M4A / AAC, Opus, and FLAC playback
  • Extra playback formats through plugins
  • Fast, database-powered library
  • Shoutcast and Icecast broadcasting
  • 4 Microphone Inputs
  • 4 Auxiliary Inputs
  • Automatic crossfading with Auto DJ
  • Crates and playlists
  • Reads iTunes, Traktor, Banshee and Rhythmbox libraries
  • Track metadata lookup from MusicBrainz
  • Pitch-independent time stretch (key lock)
  • Speed-neutral musical key adjustment
  • Vinyl emulation
  • Quantized loops, hot cues, and beatloops
  • 4-deck Master Sync and auto-beatmatching
  • 4 Sampler Decks
  • Wave and Ogg recording with optional MP3 support.
  • BPM detection and estimation
  • Bulk BPM analysis
  • Multichannel soundcard support (playback and capture)
  • Headphone cueing with multiple soundcard support
  • Selectable EQ filters with adjustable shelves
  • Crossfader curve control
  • Skinnable interface with 3 scalable skins bundled
  • Advanced controller scripting engine
  • Multiple simultaneous DJ controllers
  • Adjustable pitch range
  • Ramping pitchbend controls
  • Multi-core CPU support
  • 24-bit/96000 Hz playback and capture
  • Crystal clear bit-perfect audio
  • Hardware video acceleration

Mixxx Certified Controllers

  • Allen & Heath Xone K2
  • American Audio VMS 4 / 4.1
  • DJ TechTools MIDI Fighter Classic
  • Denon HS5500
  • Hercules DJ Console MP3 e2
  • Hercules DJ Console Mk2
  • Hercules DJ Console RMX
  • Hercules DJ Console RMX 2
  • Keith McMillen Instruments QuNeo
  • M-Audio X-Session Pro
  • Stanton SCS.1d
  • Stanton SCS.1m
  • Stanton SCS.3d
  • Stanton SCS.3m
  • Traktor Kontrol S4 MK2
  • Vestax VCI-400

Community Supported Controllers

  • Akai MPD24
  • Akai LPD8
  • American Audio RADIUS 1000
  • American Audio RADIUS 2000
  • American Audio RADIUS 3000
  • American Audio VMS4
  • American Audio VMS2
  • Behringer BCD2000
  • Behringer BCD3000
  • Denon MC6000MK2
  • Denon SC2000
  • DJ-Tech CDJ-101
  • DJ-Tech DJM-101
  • DJ-Tech i-Mix Reload
  • DJ-Tech Kontrol One
  • DJ-Tech Mixer One
  • DJ TechTools MIDIFighter
  • EKS Otus
  • Electrix Tweaker
  • Evolution X-Session
  • FaderFox DJ2
  • Gemini FirstMix
  • Hercules DJ Console 4-Mx
  • Hercules DJ Control AIR
  • Hercules DJ Control Instinct
  • Hercules DJ Console Mac Edition
  • Hercules DJ Console MK1
  • Hercules DJ Console MK2
  • Hercules DJ Console MK4
  • Hercules DJ Console MP3
  • Hercules DJ Control MP3 e2
  • Hercules DJ Console RMX
  • Hercules DJ Control Steel
  • Ion Discover DJ
  • Kontrol Dj KDJ500
  • Korg nanoKONTROL
  • Korg nanoKONTROL 2
  • Korg nanoPAD2
  • M-Audio X-Session Pro
  • M-Audio Xponent
  • Mixman DM2
  • MixVibes U-Mix Control 2
  • MixVibes U-Mix Control 2 Pro
  • Nintendo Wiimote
  • Novation Dicer
  • Novation Launchpad Mk1
  • Novation Launchpad Mini
  • Numark DJ2Go
  • Numark MixTrack Pro
  • Numark MixTrack Pro II
  • Numark MixTrack
  • Numark N4
  • Numark NS7
  • Numark Omni Control
  • Numark Total Control
  • Numark V7
  • Pioneer CDJ-2000
  • Pioneer CDJ-350
  • Pioneer CDJ-850
  • Pioneer DDJ-SB
  • Pioneer DDJ-SB2
  • Reloop Beatpad
  • Reloop Digital Jockey 2 Controller Edition
  • Reloop Digital Jockey 2 Master Edition
  • Reloop Terminal Mix 2
  • Reloop Terminal Mix 4
  • Sony Sixxaxis
  • Stanton SCS.1d
  • Stanton SCS.1m
  • Stanton SCS.3d
  • Stanton SCS.3m
  • Tascam US-428
  • TrakProDJ App (iOS)
  • Traktor Kontrol F1
  • Vestax Spin
  • Vestax Typhoon
  • Vestax VCI-100
  • Vestax VCI-100 3DEX Edition
  • Vestax VCI-100 MKII
  • Vestax VCI-300
  • Wireless DJ App (iOS)
  • Timecode Vinyl Control:
  • Serato CV02 vinyl
  • Traktor Scratch MK1 Vinyl
  • MixVibes DVS V2 Vinyl
  • Serato CV02 CD


Now you know it,  let the party begin!