Flickering windows

  I installed KDE Plasma a week ago, tried it and left.  Then yesterday I decided to play more seriously with it. I updated it to 5.9 and tried to use it. It had a lot of problems and took me hours to solve them all.  Just to find another issue that wasn't critical but … Continue reading Flickering windows


On the extra backgrounds

Every distro has its extra backgrounds package or collections.  Fedora isn't an exception. Here there's an article about that package:  https://fedoramagazine.org/try-out-the-additional-wallpapers-for-fedora-23/ And here's a screenshot of my own desktop using one of this extra backgrounds (Super Flat Remix icons & Sidi-Boujafaar Beach desktop theme: If you think 86MB is a ridiculous size for just 16 wallpapers, … Continue reading On the extra backgrounds