My first Fedora Classroom

  Last Monday I gave my first online talk/class.  You can read about it in this article in Fedora Magazine. It was streamed on Youtube in Fedora Channel and you can see the recording there.  My voice sounds horrible, way worse than what I thought, and way too loud.  I'm truly sorry for that, because … Continue reading My first Fedora Classroom

Hello Glas Éireann!

  I'm all set to depart to Ireland. I'll be visiting Dublin, Cork and Belfast.  As most of you surely know, the island is divided in the Republic of Ireland (unrelated to the Commonwealth and part of the EU, using common currency)  and Northern Ireland (part of the United Kingdom and using British Pounds). It … Continue reading Hello Glas Éireann!

Novi Sad

  After the Release Party in the Informatik & Mathematik campus, some people wanted to show me the city before I'd leave. So these two girls who came with me to the event took me to the riverside to show me the Donau (Danube)  and the fortress in Petrovaradin.  Incidentally we also witnessed a beautiful … Continue reading Novi Sad