I’m a high-functional sociopath

Sherlock describes himself this way and he, obviously, is right.  I know. I am too.

I’m happy with myself, I can’t understand why people go so crazy about parties, where is the fun in gathering in a point and do nonsense?  Why making noise is fun?  I can do more interesting things quietly in my room like coding and studying human nature.  The things that interest people and amuse them make no sense to me.

Like Sherlock, I get bored quickly if there is nothing to feed our minds  (those racing machines that will tear into pieces if they can’t race), and like him I’ll do everything to kill boredom.

We find almost everything obvious, often we know what the other person is going to say or do before they finish their discourse. Why? Just because most of people prefer the security of known patterns.  That makes them feel good, but is boring and predictable for us.

“I know you’re right, but you shouldn’t be so arrogant”  a friend told me days ago.  I agreed just because I don’t want to argue with him, he’s really a good person.  But I still think the same. And probably will keep behaving in the same way.  I just don’t know how to behave in any other way.  I don’t see the point in softening words or actions.  Why would I?  Facts are facts, like them or not.

I’m a high-functional sociopath, swim in society because still need other human beings but… not too much.  And not everyone, not anyone.  Smile, talk, help, but keep distance, please.

I know how it feels like.  Often alone and sometimes, very very rarely, honestly regret it but as soon as one approaches someone else will remember why one wanted to be alone in first place.  It’s very rare to find someone that doesn’t get on one’s nerves or bores us to death.  And when that happens the first thing that comes up to mind is  “Oh, is so nice, almost like been alone!”

Ironically, people often like us, find us nice, cute, caring, even sexy.  And most of times they remember us more than we remember them.

Yes, I’m a high-functional sociopath, like Sherlock.  And I know it’s a fictional character.  But persons like us aren’t fiction.  We do exist.  And next time you meet one of us, don’t get upset if that person just can’t pretend is interested and tells you straight forward what, where and who before you even start.  No offence intended, just trying to save time for more important things.  Like playing the violin and fiddling with a chemistry lab.


4 thoughts on “I’m a high-functional sociopath

  1. This sounds like a specific type of personality to me… after I learned about these and found which one I am, it made a lot of sense and I could understand a bit more about things like this. There’s a set of common theories around personalities known as the Jung / Briggs-Myers typologies. Perhaps you might find these interesting too.

    There’s many sites where one can take a quiz to figure out their own, but mine were these:


    Hope you also find this intriguing. Or maybe you will find them silly. In either case, it definitely makes it easier to understand the wide range of personalities out there and find good ways to describe them. 🙂

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  2. I love this. I feel like this all the time. Thank you for putting it in words.

    Though there is one big difference between me and you. 99% of people don’t like me. They avoid me like the plague. Maybe I’ve gone too far into not caring, not pretending. But I actually don’t care anymore. 🙂

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