Fedora 25 after sprint


With a new Translation Sprint coming, let’s see what happened last year’s FAD.




The teams with most translated words during the sprint were Czech and Brazilian Portuguese, followed by French, Hungarian and Polish.  It’s worth to highlight that Polish had only one translator, Piotr Drąg (FAS: Raven).

Language activity


Some programmes had a huge improvement comparing before and after FAD.  By far, Authconfig and Cracklib are the most outstanding.  The first one had 0 lines translated prior to the Sprint and 30 after the Sprint, and the second one had 0 prior to the Sprint and 12 after the Sprint.

The leading teams were Polish and Brazilian Portuguese with 31 packages each.  It’s interesting to see that Slovak and Albanian had a huge difference between before and after the Sprint; Slovak team had 5 packages and now has 13, Albanian had also 5 but now has 11.

Comparison of translated packages before and after FAD.




We interviewed three translators who participated in the Sprint.  They are Frederico Lima  (PT-BR),  Jiří Eischmann (CS) & Zdeněk Chmelař (CS).



Frederico Lima  (Frederico Henrique Gonçalves Lima, Brazilian Portuguese team, FAS: fredlima)

  1. Why did you participated in the Sprint?   To help the Brazilian Portuguese L10N team to finish all translations for the new Fedora release. And be proud to see this great project translated to Brazilian Portuguese.
  2.  What did you like or what would you like to highlight?   I enjoyed seeing the great job done by my Brazilian Portuguese (pt-br) L10N team mates, where almost all things were already translated and the most important, with awesome translations, not like the American movies titles translated to Brazilian Portuguese. eg. “The time traveller’s wife” → “Eu te amarei para sempre” (I will love you forever) xD   One thing I like to highlight is the fact that we have to separate Brazilian Portuguese (pt-br) from Portuguese language (pt).  We did our best to represent Brazil in the sprint to be mixed in with the Portuguese contributors.
    It’s not the same language, pt-br != pt.
  3.  What would you say to newcomers willing to contribute?  Do you like to install a brand new release of the Fedora Project and see that all the messages are translated to your language? To make it happen, someone had to translate the software, docs, websites. Why this one can’t be you? It’s a great opportunity to give back to the open-source community.
    And with this, you will improve your English skills in the process.
    It’s a two way street, you will enjoy seeing your beloved Fedora in your language, and improve your English and your mother language skills.



jiriJiří Eischmann  (Czech team,  FAS: Eischmann)

  1.   Why did you participate in the sprint?  I’ve been a translator of open source software (especially GNOME and Fedora) since 2007. These days, I’m too busy with other things to make
    large contributions to Czech translations, but I still like to help here and there and the sprint was a good opportunity to help with Fedora translations again.
  2. What did you like or what would you like to highlight?   The badge for participating in the sprint definitely added an extra motivation  😉
  3.   What would you say to newcomers willing to contribute to the project? (mainly focused on localisation).  That translations have relatively low barriers to entry, it’s quite easy to start and you still can make a big difference because by translating the software you open it to a much larger audience in your country.


Zdeněk Chmelař  (Czech team,  FAS: zdenek)heroes-of-fedora

  1.  Why did you participate in the sprint?    I saw an announcement about Translation sprint event at Fedoraplanet.org. I support Fedora translation for some time already so that notification wasn’t the main reason why I joined. It was the reward that definitely convinced me to jump in  😉
    At least for me, badge rewards are very strong motivation, so if I see the opportunity to earn some, I don’t wait any minute  🙂
    Last but not least, status of Czech translation is far from perfect (but not so bad too) so any translated word means to be closer to the goal of getting the translation at 100%. I’m happy that Czech translation team is full of great people that helped me a lot there as well.
  2.   What did you like or what would you highlight?    I do not know if it was just a coincidence but it looks like the event announcement and badge reward attracted lots of new people who joined translation community in September. I have checked how many people join translation team each month and there are 2 – 3 newcomers joining the community each month in average. The exception was September, when we had 13 new people, 9 of them joined right at the beginning of the Sprint event.   Well seems that badge rewards are very good motivation to support the community and Fedora project. I just wish more people come to help. So we need more badges  😀
  3.   What would you say to newcomers willing to contribute to the project? (mainly focused on localization).    Just don’t be shy and join the project. I did it and found many great people! Translation is not difficult and anyone can help. Really! There are no programming skills required, there are no limits for translation activity – you are your own master. And each translated word counts.


Comparison of languages before and after FAD

Would you like to join us?  Would you like to help Fedora to reach every culture and language?  Join the Translation Team!










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