One happy bunny


My friend Heinrich had abandoned an Acer Aspire One  (10.1″ screen, Atom N450, 1GB RAM) inside a box.  He has a better bigger computer with a huge screen where to watch movies and series at will.  I asked him if I could play with it and he gave me absolute freedom.  So I decided to start installing SuSe  (as it´s the only install media I have by now)  with the intention of turning it into Tumbleweed.  Unfortunately, I couldn´t as every time I tried  (spent a whole day on it)  either it failed or it left me without internet.  So I had to give up and stay with Leap.



What I can do so far

Given the small size and low resources, it´s pointless to use it on design and photography. But because of its small size and light weight is perfect for simple daily tasks like mail and writing as I can easily take it with me everywhere. I can do all the things I can do in the OpenSuSe I have installed in my laptop.

The main options, KDE & Gnome, are way too heavy to use them in a netbook so I installed the third option: XFCE.  But I don´t like it so I installed Mate Desktop and Cinnamon to try which one works best.  Definitely, Mate and Cinnamon, with Cinnamon desktop being the prettiest according to myself.

I have GDM as Display Manager but I´m researching the way to change it.

I´m planning to add more RAM but I need to open it and see if my RAM sticks are compatible.



What I cannot

As I already said, I can´t do any kind of arts or editing, it simply has no resources for that.  I can´t  write fast because it has a Deutsche QWERTZ  instead of QUERTY as keyboard.  I can´t use Recipes because it doesn´t work in any other distribution but Fedora.  I can install it and run it but it doesn´t work fine.  I can´t multitask because of its RAM and I must be careful with certain programmes like Yast and Firefox.  It often freezes or hangs, sometimes coming back to activity minutes later and sometimes not.  Sometimes it fails to start or hangs somewhere midway.  And it really gets very hot while using it.

And I didn´t get to use it with full charged battery.  No matter for how long I have it plugged, it never goes beyond 98%.



A funny bit

I already noticed that the touchpad seemed to be wore out and that it used to have some kind of instructions that were faded.  Also noticed that some angles had more signals of use than others.  Not to mention the netbook was very dirty and with its battery absolutely exhausted when I found it.  Actually Henry thought it was broken.  But the computer is actually in perfect shape and it´s obvious he cared about it.  It’s impeccable except a little mark on the lid and the touchpad.

Ah! The Touchpad! Its look and feel was weird because Henry never removed the protecting film from it.  When I told him he smiled but it was obvious he didn’t even know it had a film.  Definitely, computers aren´t his metier.

You can see the marks of the protecting film still on the touchpad after removing it, on the picture above.


And you can see in this other picture the protecting film already removed.

After cleaning the touchpad it became very clear why I was finding it so slow and weird.  Now it´s free from covers, it´s a very comfortable device.


Now I have this working…  The game is on!



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