Now Windows is Linux friendly


Before switching discs in my laptop I prepared two DVD  (I have no spare USB sticks or SD memories),  one with Windows 8.1 and one with Fedora 25 Workstation.  Much to my dismay I later come to learn that Fedora doesn’t boot from optical devices like CD & DVD, so I used the only Linux I had, an OpenSuSe USB stick I’ve got from OpenRheinRuhr.

Now… for years we were all told  “Install Windows first because Linux recognises Win partitions but the viceversa doesn’t apply”.  So I installed Windows first.  And it did recognised the existing partitioning including, yes, Linux volumes.  I wanted to start over so I just deleted everything and assign it to Windows.

But it’s not just that.  With a small app, you can use your Linux partitions from Windows as if they were… well, other partitions.  Office recognises ODT formats and opens them without errors or complains  (it used to make a fuss years ago).  And… oh, this is my favourite!  Windows doesn’t label Linux/Open Source stuff as virus as it always did.  And visiting Linux pages doesn’t trigger a lot of alarms in your system saying it’s dangerous and evil and you should leave that site to never come back.

So if you’re planning to make a dual boot of your computer, go ahead, Windows won’t get in your way anymore.




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