NASA software catalogue

Do you love coding? Do you love sciences? Do you love testing stuff even if it’s unrelated to your work or daily life?  Here there’s something for you!

NASA has just released their software database including the source code from all their projects.  This means you’re free to use, test, read and modify the programmes.  Some of them have been release under Open Source licenses and some others have governamental licenses.  But not to worry, they’re all available and they’re all for free.

Of course, because of the nature of NASA’s work, most of this software is very specific and targeted, and might not have any use for the mere mortals.  Not to mention that when it comes down to data processing NASA needs (and uses) massive amounts of resource, therefore some of these programmes may not run properly in  “normal”  computers.

But…!  You can still request and try. Or at least, read the code if you can’t actually run the programme.


So… How does it works?

To get any of this, you can visit NASA Software Catalogue and download the pdf file with the complete lists or search by category in the said page.  Once you find something of interest, you request it. If you have no NASA account, you’ll be requested to create one. Note that to prevent abuse and unauthorised entries, they will monitor your activity including keystrokes.  If this is not a problem for you, just go ahead and create the account. It’s fast and simple. But requesting the software isn’t that simple.  You have to fill a form giving your personal and studying or business information.  It does look impressive but it contains no outrageous questions so it’s up to you to accept or not.

After sending this, you’ll get the license, the software and the code.  Depending on the kind of license is what you will be allowed to do or not.  Bear in mind that many of these programmes are governmental purpose only.


And now?

Now you have a NASA account you can do other interesting things and apply for other programmes as well.  Feel free to investigate.

If you want to know more:


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