FAmSCo today

For those of you who don’t know what FAmSCo is, I’ll start this article saying that is the Fedora Ambassadors Steering Committee.  You can find more information here and here.

If you read the links you’ll learn that the Council, FESCo and FAmSCo had elections between December 2016 and January 2017.  Members are elected for two Fedora releases according to the rules listed here.  According to the aforementioned rules candidates will be ambassadors from any part of the world and people allowed to vote is anyone with a FAS account.

Now… the problem.

The rules as they are worded in the wiki are rather vague and people understand different things from the same sentences.  This allowed to a great contributor that isn’t an Ambassador to result elected.


Who & What

Frederico Lima, FAS Fredlima, is a great contributor very well known in the Fedora Community.  He wanted to be Ambassador but sadly the Brazilian mentor has been consistently inactive or out of reach.  Whether he reached out others LATAM mentors or not, the fact is that he ran as candidate and resulted elected. This posed a problem for FAmSCo.  What to do with an elected non-Ambassador member?  Ignore people’s choice? Select someone else? Run general elections again?


FAmSCo decided to ask the Council to intervene, and the Council sent back the problem to FAmSCo advising to apply the rules for vacant seats.  We opened a ticket on trac and discussed this topic to the extent in meetings and Ambassadors mailing list.


The rule to fill vacant seats says:  “If FAmSCo does not have all its seats filled due to members leaving or other lack, the vacant seats will attempt to be filled by the following methods:

  1. If there are runner-up candidates from the previous election that did not have the opportunity to be on FAmSCo, they will be considered and offered a seat.
  2. If those candidates have been exhausted or FAmSCo does not consider them eligible, FAmSCo will ask Fedora community members that they think would do a good job if they would be willing to hold the open seats.
  3. If the open seats are still not filled, FAmSCo will operate with less members until the next FAmSCo election.”

FAmSCo members agreed to apply the second point, that is  “FAmSCo will ask Fedora community members that they think would do a good job if they would be willing to hold the open seats.”

There are three proposed candidates:  Zacharias Mitzelos FAS Mitzie, Sirko Kemter FAS Gnokii, and Fredlima who has been approved as Ambassador in the meantime.

FAmSCo members will vote in this ticket in trac, having time until Wednesday 22nd (February).


Will be published in due time in the Ambassadors mailing list.


Thanks for reading such a long text.




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