Definitive solution

It’s not thanksgiving day but I’m pretty thankful today to the open source community.  After a lot of struggling and people sending all kind of suggestions and workarounds, I finally found it. The definitive solution came from a Gnome contributor in a Riot room.

I’ll talk about Riot in another post, now I want to focus in the problem and its solutions, immediate and future.


The problem

I already posted a lot about it but I’ll sum it up for the sake of order and completeness. I have a Dell Latitude laptop with Fedora Workstation installed in the beginning of August right after I received it. Back in the moment I installed Fedora 24 and everything worked fine. Then I wanted to try Cinnamon & Mate but that messed my mouse/touchpad configuration so I deleted everything related to both desktops and everything went back to normalcy. And then, in December I decided not to make a fresh install but upgrade from Fedora 24 to 25. And then the problems begun.  Upgrade itself was fast and smooth but my touchpad lost the Edge Scrolling in the process; short after  “tap to click” was missing too. So I was forced to use a mouse which is very annoying to me.


The Solution

Someone posted a question on Riot in the Fedora Workstation room that reminded me this issue I’ve been struggling with. So I asked for my problem and… bingo! A kind gentleman replied.

The solution is typing in the terminal, as normal user, the following command:

gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.peripherals.touchpad two-finger-scrolling-enabled false

As you can see in the screenshot above, now Edge Scrolling is correctly enabled. As the last update fixed the  “tap to click”  issue, I don’t need the mouse anymore.


Looking ahead

Last update solved the tap to click issue.  According to rtcm the missing edge scrolling is a known bug in Mutter and will be solved soon.  The last related bug is closed as fixed in upstream (Gnome).

Installing Cinnamon or Mate alongside Gnome Shell still messes Gnome configuration.  I’m not aware of a solution yet.

Horizontal scrolling is still missing since the last two versions.  Again, I’m not aware there’s a solution for this. Actually, I’m not even sure if this is regarded as bug or a feature by the Gnome developing team.

In any case, thank you very much!


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