Halfway solution

A month or so ago I upgraded from Fedora 24 to 25, keeping the desktop (Workstation).  It was fast and smooth. Switched to Wayland automatically without a fuss. But…

My touchpad lost the edge scrolling. Moreover, it lost all kind of scrolling.  Which is pretty annoying specially if you’re reading.

And then an update left my touchpad without tap to click.  Of course, I filled a bug but to no avail. My touchpad was virtually useless. Just to be sure I tried on Windows  (I still keep the Polish Windows that came pre-installed with my laptop).  Works perfect so it’s not a hardware issue.

Unwillingly, I bought a tiny wireless mouse in The Flying Tiger.


Despite the low price works very well, only needs a AAA battery and it was truly plug & play.


And then…

Days ago I thought of trying again, without much hope to be honest.  I activated my touchpad  (including scrolling) and… yess! worked.  Except the scrolling.

For some reason Wayland/Workstation is still experiencing issues with it.  No matter how many times I tick the box, configure it in DConf & tried every trick and workaround I’ve been told. Scrolling still doesn’t work.

So here I am, still using a tiny wireless mouse, listening Chopin to calm my nerves and waiting for developers to fix the problem. Maybe I should send a threatening email….






6 thoughts on “Halfway solution

  1. Try running it in x.org mode instead of wayland. There is an option when logging in. Wayland is still very much a work in progress and it will be a few versions before it has all the functionality of X

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