From Evolution to Thunderbird and back

I was using Evolution while on Fedora 24 Workstation and it stopped working. It wasn’t syncing, problems with tasks, calendar, fetching mail…  made me decide to change as the bug chase was getting long and confusing.  Comments on the bug report showed only one thing in common:  Evolution was failing to authenticate.  But whether it was Evolution’s or Google’s fault was unclear plus it was very hard to replicate in all cases and find the exact failing point. Solution:  change the program until they would find a solution.


A thunderbird by AllDay

Moving on

Deleted and wiped everything related to my Evolution including online accounts in Gnome.  Opened Thunderbird and started over with a fresh clean account there.  The same Gmail/FAS but on Thunderbird.  No export/import. Just in case something was wrong in my DBs or user settings.

I added Lighting to get the calendar functionality and two extensions for tasks & memos.  Unfortunately, one of these extensions, todo.txt failed months later and I had to delete it.

And then, problems.  I was already on Fedora 25 (still Workstation) and Lightning started to fail.  Something in the backend wasn’t working and it would sync perfectly but I was unable to add or modify tasks.  It was basically read only.  Mail was working fine though.


Evolution says hello

Back to Evolution

So I thought I should give Evolution a go as my bug report on Thunderbird/Fedora wasn’t getting any attention and I urgently need the calendar.  So I started over with Evolution, creating an account from scratch  (and forcing Evolution to choose POP).  And voila!  Evolution works perfect.


For some reason, memos aren’t showing up in the Calendar view, but that’s a minor detail, the important thing is that is working.


And it raises to fly again

Is this the end?

Certainly not.  Last Fedora update fixed the issues in Lightning so now I’m able to create and modify events and tasks again. So…  what should I do?  Thunderbird or Evolution?  Why?

Looking forward to know your ideas….


2 thoughts on “From Evolution to Thunderbird and back

  1. hated my whole thunderbird experience due to addon instalation. i wanted a full ready to use email app. evolution is by far the best, particularly if one uses gnome.

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    • Thanks for commenting here!
      Yes, I think Evolution it’s the “golden middle way”, full featured but not complex. Kontact/Kmail is a great suite as well (I didn’t covered on this article because I didn’t try) but it’s a more complex piece of software and because of this, prone to have issues. On the other hand, works well in all environments while Evolution needs to be manually started (or add it to the start applications which may slow down the login process).


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