Release Party F25

I’ve been invited to the Fedora 25 Release Party in Novi Sad, Serbia.  The trip from Niš to Beograd (Belgrade) was long and tiring but well worth the effort. I’ll talk about the trip in another article, now I want to focus on the release party.


Novi Sad University (part of it)


When, where, what

When I new version of Fedora is released many of us organise or attend to release parties. As I was travelling to the Balkans, Nemanja Milošević had the nice gesture of inviting me to the Serbian Release Party in Novi Sad. This city has a long history and it’s the second in size with some 400.000 inhabitants and 250 km2.

The party itself took place in the University, Mathematics & Informatik Campus, this last Sunday 11th, from Midday to Evening. Talks lasted until 16:00, and then there was an open floor with workshops and chatting. There were also two breaks for lunch and coffee, and a quiz with prizes. And swag moment!





Sadly, English isn’t a widely spread language here as it is in other countries. That meant the talks were given in Serbian and I got lost many times.  I particularly regret one about security (or so I’ve been told it was about).  But the parts I did understand were very good. I really enjoyed them even when I missed words in between.

Talks were as it follows:

What is Fedora and what is new in Fedora 25  by Nemanja Milošević

Getting started with Fedora  by Danijela Tešendić

Is Open Source reason enough to trust the code?   by Doni Pracner

And an introduction to Tilda, a Novi Sad hackerspace.


Comparing packages in Debian



There were different activities besides the talks. We had two breaks for lunch and coffee or tea, we had a very funny quiz (where I’ve only got 6/10, shame on me!), swag time and a tour to show the Fedora powered classroom.  I wanted to attend all of them but the girls who came with me preferred to go in order to show me the city before the last bus would depart.  So I had to leave earlier than what I expected.  If I come back, I’ll pest Nemanja to show me that classroom, I’m very interested to see how it works and how it looks like.


Tidying up after party


Last bits

I received a prize, I suspect out of generosity, as I did a rather poor score in the quiz. I met very nice people here in the university. I found someone using the very same pro camera I used back in the days when I still had my reflex. I ate very nice food, specially the vegetarian options were great, something that pleased me greatly as I have been unable to keep up with my usual diet since I came here. I drank a very tasty cream coffee. And I overall enjoyed the party.  And I earned another badge!


Listening attentively


Last but not least

I want to thank to Nemanja for inviting me and being always there, nice and helpful; to Jelena and Vera who came with me to a kind of event that is far away from their usual whereabouts and attended to talks about a system they never heard of before.  To my surprise they enjoyed the release party and that makes me very very happy.  And thanks to Giannisk for his help.

See you next year!!



Attendees and organisers




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