Kein Rassismus!


I met a woman in Novi Sad (Serbia) that said a lot of shit about British, Italians and Germans. And then felt very open-minded and good with herself because she praised (for the wrong reasons) Indians and Chinese.

I’m not at home, not even inside the EU, so I’m very careful to avoid troubles. I just smiled and kept for myself my opinions about her crap of philosophy.

But I guess her thing against us was too strong for keeping it polite, or she doesn’t know what politeness means. Or maybe she’s just too childish to behave in face of strangers. In any case, she obviously wanted a fight so she threw to my face when she was leaving that Germans were racists, intolerant, too proud of themselves (I wonder why…), a general rubbish and Merkel in particular is a fucking bitch. Exactly that words. Now, I won’t defend Merkel because I don’t defend politicians in general and I wasn’t here when the vote took place so I can say nothing. But definitely this is not a sample of tolerance.

She saw my face and trying to reinforce her position and probably pushing a bit further the situation, she insisted on her words and added  “I know Germans very well. My first husband was from Germany”.  Perfect! Now we know what we are talking about! The most perfect example of racism and prejudice I ever seen my life.

She knows nothing about British, Italians or Germans. She never lived there, never even visited those places. She knows only one individual, who poor guy had the bad luck to be her husband for 12 years. But she throws a lot of crap about all these countries because she made up a set of beliefs that are based on nothing but her own ideas.  How do you call that? PREJUDICE!

She pre-judges something and sticks to it despite reality.  And she applies random concepts to large amount of human beings that happen to live or born in a random area of this planet or have a particular physical type.

That’s the very definition of prejudice. That’s exactly how racism works.

And I’m not accepting it whatever your shitty philosophy says to sweeten it up.  But you know what?  I’m too fucking educated to engage a discussion. I excused myself of accompany them and that was all.


2 thoughts on “Kein Rassismus!

    • Well… It depends how do you see it. As far as she wasn’t praising her own nationality I wouldn’t consider it nationalism.
      Another funny thing about this woman is that she said “high class is evil, always and everywhere”. She. That spent 80 days in Beijing and travelled to India, New Zealand, Netherlands, etc. Thousands and thousands of euros spent in travelling every year. If that’s not high class, I don’t know what it is.


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