Oberhausen Industriemuseum

As I promised, I’m writing this post about the Industrial Museum where the OpenRheinRuhr was located.  This place was a steel foundry since the early industrial times. Here rails and nails were manufactured as well as train parts.  In war times, were bullets and canyons and during postwar many civil machines such as cars, motors and phones were build totally or partially.


Industrial hammer

There were not only machines but posters and samples from workers’ outfit and lifestyle.


Poster from the late XIX Century

Nationalistic swag from the times of the Kaiser and the World War I. In the next photo, you may wonder why it looks empty. Well, that’s because the camera didn’t catch the essential that it was the picture inside the frame.  Actually, the place was too dark for a mobile camera and I had to edit it.


Missing picture

There were many samples of propaganda, mainly from war times but also from peace times.  This next one shows how fast the enemy was supposed to be defeated.


Bullets from the Kaiser

There were also sample of machines made during war times and after, including motorbikes, bullets and shells.  Here are a couple of pictures.


This killed one day…

Note the photographs on the background.



And for tanks, another picture I had to edit.


This was placed on a turret

There were also empty shells, mortars and grenades piled up in different places along the way.


Empty grenades

Sadly, in many points of the journey the place was too dark to take a picture with a mobile camera.  Also, there were many historical records like videos, voices and working machines that it would be simply impossible to gather and transmit in a post or photography.  I hope my humble shots makes you feel curious enough to visit the museum.  It’s in Oberhausen, Düsseldorf, Nordrhein-Westafalen, Deutschland.  It well worth the ride.


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