I attended the OpenRheinRuhr (Industriemuseum, Oberhausen) and helped a bit in the Fedora booth.  In all honesty, I could do a bit more but I couldn’t help to walk around and see what others were doing so I’m afraid Alessandra did most of the work here.

I learnt a lot of interesting stuff like new projects and people I never heard of, open source based business and the state of art of small projects.  All the big names (except Mozilla & Arch) were there.


And some important people as well. We have been honoured by Christian Dywan (Midori dev) and Werner Koch (GPG).  A TV journalist came to interview them.  Which is also awesome.

There were booth of Apache, LibreOffice, Debian, Gentoo and OpenSuse among others.  And I gathered a lot of cool stuff from each one.


There were also a babies corner for those who brought their children and some robotics related booths.  One of them made and presented by children.


There were talks upstairs that I couldn’t attend, catering and a nice tour around the museum where this fair was located.  I’ll post the museum pictures in a separated post, as they are rather history than IT. But as glimpse, I leave this here:


Thanks to Dominic from the FSF and Alessandra who had the patience to stay at Fedora booth while I was visiting the others. And thanks to Jens who drove me there and back.


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