Stand up and shout!


I never been in a demonstration, protest or whatever you want to call it.  And had good reasons for it.  But I went to a very particular demonstration here in Frankfurt.


Big companies are friend of nobody


Why now?

Because I had the chance of gathering objective information about the problems.  I strongly dislike the populist speech usual in LATAM & USA, and I never move a finger without firm logical reasons to do so.  And this time I had them.


What it was all about?

Stopping two secret treaties between US and EU and Canada and EU.  So secret that not even the politicians knew what was going on until someone  (Goodness bless him!)  leaked the documents.  Well, some of them.  The total treaty is still secret and contains over 1500 pages, so it’s not something you read while waiting the bus. If you want to know more, at the end of this article I’ll be listing some interesting sources with links.


In the beginning was the word…

Three politicians talked about the treaties  (one of them bearing my name!) and some other people explained in detail what was wrong and why we should protest.  Germans, you gotta love them, not even one play on emotions to catch our attention.


The Stage in front of the Alte Oper (Old Opera House).


There was people from all parties, styles, levels and countries.  Even Greenpeace and a French party were there.  And it wasn’t even a nice day…


Against all odds.



The Stroll

We departed from the Old Opera House walked before the New Opera House  (can you imagine? two opera houses for a less than a million city, that’s culture loving)  and strolled around in a quiet stream.  There were music and some words as well.


We’re the last in line…



What about the police?

They looked mostly bored, with their helmets hanging from their arms and keeping safe distance.  I heard a siren in the front but I don’t know what happened and it quickly shut.  And when it was all over, they left with sirens.  The organisers thanked the policemen for their good job and the city support.


In the park.


Wrapping up

We gathered in a park and then in another point  (where I ate a schnitzel because I was starving)  to hear the City Major of Frankfurt, and some people from Canada.  For those who don’t know or remember, Frankfurt lives on trade and commerce, so they aren’t lefties or outrageous people willing to come back to `60s revolution or something like that.  They, us, just want fair play.  And REAL free trade.  What those companies do is the opposite to freedom, they only play on their own interests and benefit leaving everyone else starting with the lesser companies, out of the business.  And if it’s possible, out of this life too.



US again?

Yes and no.  Don’t let the supposed nationalities of these big companies fool you.  They have no nation or bounds.  They don’t benefit a particular country and many times they act against the interests of their supposed home nation.  Why?  Because they don’t care.  They only care about themselves.  The fact that US or other rich country governments support them doesn’t mean that those countries actually receive a penny.  Just means that something is rotten in Denmark.

If you think otherwise, remember all the offices and factories big companies have closed over the years just to place them somewhere else like China or Indonesia just because over there salaries are cheaper and they don’t have to care that much about security reasons and employees welfare.


“Coming back” by L.



After words

Hope this demonstration, so huge as it was, have a good effect and stops them before voting this disaster of treaty and law  (yes, the treaties include many law changes).

Also, massive thanks to my friend L who looked after me and translated all the speeches.


Sources and links:

Tell your MEP to stop CETA TTIP

Introduction to CETA/TTIP

BBC News

TTIP & CETA according to Wikipedia

Public enquiry petition from the UK Parliament


Some news for German Speakers





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