Why I’m not going to FUDcon LATAM




Months ago, while still living in Montevideo, Uruguay, I applied as speaker to FLOCK and FUDcon Puno (Peru).  My talk in FLOCK was swiftly accepted although my proposal to FUDcon was heavily discussed and finally voted by just one +1.  But I was in, both conferences.

I attended FLOCK, I already told part of the story, so it makes no sense to repeat it.  But now there’s a problem in FUDcon.  I live in Frankfurt.  Not just touristing but actually living and solving the daily problems of living here.  I’m an EMEA Ambassador now.  And my ticket costs a bit more than before.  Some U$100  (like €90 or so).  I can’t afford it right now but it’s highly likely I will in the future.  The thing is that I don’t know exactly when and tickets must be bought.

But that’s not the reason for me not to go to FUDcon.  I’m tired of fighting and arguing, and the last thing I want to do is been in the hurricane’s eye.  So I’m writing down  here my reasons so everyone can read and have a thought on it.

  1.  I don’t mean to cause problems to anybody. My airfare isn’t that expensive (comparing U$822 Montevideo-Peru with U$945 Frankfurt-Peru),  but if it’s going to raise arguments and suspicious, I’m better off.  I’m not interested to add even more problems to the organisers  (people I do appreciate)  nor to the rest of LATAM community that already has its own deep problems to care about.
  2. Awkward feelings.  My ticket was positively voted by only one +1   (was +6, -5 and 2 neutrals).  I don’t feel comfortable going to a conference where half the people will be thinking  “she shouldn’t be here”.
  3. Poisoned talks at my back.  There are people  (I don’t know who because I learned it through a third party)  that thinks that I mean to go back to Latin America using Fedora money.  That’s completely and utterly CRAP.  First I have no reasons to go to Peru besides the conference, I don’t know the country and it’s not exactly near to Uruguay.  Second and more importantly, I’m going nowhere outside Europe/UK.  This is my home now.
  4. Money makes the world go round..  At this very moment, I can’t pay that extra cost.  Surely I will be able to pay it in a month or so, but I can’t take anything granted, so I prefer to say that I’m unable to pay.  And of course, I won’t ask for a raise in the approved ticket because it would be unfair and it makes no sense.  Surely, someone else can benefit from those extra bucks.
  5. The Unwelcome Brit Lady    I always been nicknamed as the  “British Lady”  or the  “German Lady”  because according to my countrymen I was an outsider more European than Latin, but looks like now I’m living here I’m not only an outsider but also unwelcome.  “The problem is the ticket price AND that you’re living in Europe“  so I’ve been told.  So even finding a cheap flight, too many people don’t want me there.

But… can I go?  Yes, of course I can.  There are no impediments for me to go.  I can go, but I choose not going for the aforementioned reasons.

Said this, the ultimate decision is in organisers hands.  And I have no problems attending, or doing an online talk / video conference, or even writing my talk and give it to someone else to present it over there.  After all, it’s the content what matters not my holy presence.





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