Love your work, work your passion

Playing with paper planes



A friend of mine says  “Life is too short to waste it doing things I don’t like. If it’s for money, you can rob a bank”.  Although his words may sound a bit too direct, he’s completely right.  Life is too short to waste it.

But we all need money.  To pay food, roof and water if anything else.  So you have to work for money and not always that work is really nice.  Most of us just take the available job and carries on.

And it’s fine, our primary obligation is covering our life costs.  There’s nothing wrong in it.

But…  why not doing what you love?  Maybe you can’t use all of your time nor make a big income, but why not?  You can work on your daily job and dedicate a couple of hours to your beloved activity, whatever is it.  You don’t need expensive equipment nor a lot of time.  Just talent and commitment.

Whether you love designing or creating stories or helping to make great UX or anything else…  Don’t let the fact you’re not already a full time professional make you hesitate.  You can start with few hours a week, as a freelancer while your daily job covers your costs.  And maybe add some hours when people start liking your work and ordering.  If you do it right, and your work is good there are no limits.  You can find yourself at some point in the future where your  “daily job” doesn’t matter anymore and you dedicate full time to your beloved activity.

Does it sounds too good to be true?  Do you think is just a dream?

Well, no.  It’s a proved fact that people work better when they love what they’re doing.  There’s nothing more depressing than feeling your work makes no difference.  Knowing this, is perfectly reasonable to think that if you’re doing something you love you will work better and harder.

Not yet convinced?  Think again.  Many people started with a hobby to end up as highly demanded professionals.

But even if you don’t reach that height it still worth the effort.  Just because you’re happy.






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