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As some of you may know, I recently installed Fedora Workstation (Gnome Shell) on my laptop.  It had a pre-installed Windows 7 I didn’t want to delete just in case I need to use Photoshop or Office, or check a hardware failure.  So I wanted to shrink that partition  to minimum, leaving the rest for Linux.  Sounds easy and in Fedora 23 was easy.  Not now.

Somehow this is not possible to do in Fedora 24 so I’m going to document here what I did to achieve my goal.


The Problem 

At first I went straight to Custom Partitioning.  I always do that so I can set two different partitions for  /home  and  /  plus making room by shrinking the existent stuff.  Right.

No, not right.  Using custom partitioning doesn’t work.  It only allows to add or delete partitions but not changing the existing one.  No matter what I did and tried, I couldn’t shrink the Windows partition to make room for Fedora.  So I came back to the previous stage to see if I was missing something.

I wasn’t. There was still only two options:  Custom partitioning & Automatic partitioning.  I shrugged and picked the automatic partition.  Hopefully, the system would do it right.


I picked Automatic => Claim space => Accept, and waited.  After a moment, I was prompted with two partitions:  Windows and Fedora.  But I still want a separated  /home.  So I went back once again to the previous and clicked yet again to Custom partitioning.  Maybe they hide that option for some reason?

Anyway, I found a nice surprise.  Windows partition was shrunk now.  So I only needed to use the new free space to create my partitions.  So I did creating  Swap, /  and  /home

Then checked twice to be sure that was the scheme I wanted, and then clicked on Accept.



I clicked on apply and waited.  The installation was fast and smooth, and the trick worked not only in theory but in practice as well.  I’m able to double boot at any time now.


So, problem solved? 

No!  This is not a normal behaviour.  In Fedora 23 and previous versions, it was possible to edit any partition from the Custom partitioning section.  What I did is just a workaround but not the real solution.  So I will be filing a bug and adding this link as documentation to get this solved.


What you can do?

Report a bug or comment in what is already open.  It helps to get things done faster.



Thank you very much!!!



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