My first FLOCK – Talks and more




I woke up surprisingly early, so much not to find a living soul in the lounge.  Even my room mate was sleeping and I didn’t want to annoy her, so I went downstairs to take a breakfast and roam around before the event itself would start.  And of course to gather swag  😀



View from the lounge


Many interesting talks were booked in the first day and I didn’t want to miss any.  Also my talk was booked the first day so I have to check everything was okay.  Sadly, it wasn’t the case.  My netbook got broken in some point between Montevideo and Krakow and now was completely dead.  I couldn’t even charge it.  So…


This is community

After talking to other Fedorians, two persons offered their laptops for me to give my talk.  So my special thanks to Bee and Thomas  (if I correctly recall)  for being so kind and helpful.  I downloaded my backups  (yes, I have them), review and changed what it was needed and rushed to give my talk.  Among attendees I was honoured by the presence of Gnokii  (Sirko Kemter, Design Team)  and Justin Flory (Fedora Magazine).  Others read the transcriptions afterwards and sent me comments.  I was very nervous, it was my first international talk and I had to work against time but despite all this I think things went reasonably well.


Prior my talk…



Swag & Registration

There was a lot of assorted goodies to pick, from Red Hat booklets to Fedora unbreakable bottles, we simply collected a lot of cool high quality stuff.  Now I have some very nice things to give away to my friends as well as to enjoy myself. And it wasn’t Fedora only, there were shirts, stickers and pins about Zanata, SuSe and Cloud.  All OpenSource of course.  And each one of us, received a beautiful tag to hang around our necks while attending the conference.  Mine was green because someone tagged me as attendee instead of speaker, but I don’t mind, it was such a brilliant pretty green that I rather like this one than the other.


Some of us asking for tags and checking available swag.


Talks, talks, talks

First day opened with a very interesting keynote about the state of things in Fedora by Mathew Miller.  After that, came so many interesting talks that I couldn’t attend to all although I would love to do so.  So I had to choose only a few.  Said that, all talks were recorded and many of them were also transcribed so people who couldn’t attend will be able to read and/or watch them anyway (including myself).


mattdm == Mathew Miller


I attended to a couple of workshops and many talks.  Among talks were one about attracting University students to Fedora, other about containers, two about localisation and another about the use of Fedora in schools, and yet another about documentation.  Workshops I attended were about design.

I particularly loved the talk about managing a small community (Fedora Italy)  and the experiences of a teacher and engineer from a Lebanon School in Tel Aviv using Fedora in all computers.

after talk main room

After talk, main room “Picasso”


As a pleasant note, conference rooms were named after artists, so the main was Picasso and a small one was Monet and so on. Very nice!


Sirko Kemter (Gnokii) explaining what is a graphic designer and how to do a good work.




There were others interesting events inside and outside the conference. A diversity panel where we discussed ideas and situations to be more inclusive  (not only women, in general), a brainstorm about translation and another about budget and ambassador’s work.  There were lightning talks  (I missed the first ones because I was outside trying to find a supermarket)  and a localisation workshop  (also missed for the same or similar reason).  There were trips around Krakow and I personally roamed around a lot.  But I’ll explain that in detail in the next post.


FLOCK friends

Four foundations in a single photo


Next:  This is Krakow

(Credits:  Best pictures were shot by Justin Flory, the fuzzy ones are mine.)


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