My first FLOCK – Flying there




Weeks ago, I attended FLOCK as speaker.  It’s the first time I do so, first time in Poland, first time in FLOCK.  I’m happy and proud to be there.  So I’ll comment some of the amazing things I saw and lived there.


We well ride this thunderbirds…

Buenos Aires had a huge storm that delayed everything plus there were no coverage so my phone could only work with the airport wifi.  Luckily, it was a good wifi.  Then we got into this beautiful Boeing, half way between the Queen of Skies and the 757 as you can see below.


My sweet white bird


We indeed over mounted stormy waves through some 7 hours. And I was so excited to be in such a beauty flying over the Atlantic ocean that I couldn’t care less about the small details. On a dark tone, it was night and my seat was in the middle of huge aircraft so I could see almost nothing.  But anyway, here’s a sample took from the kitchen’s window:


In the middle of the ocean, still 3 hours to go


As a side note I found some Iron Maiden discs in the aeroplane selection and some other heavy metal bands too like Metallica and Sepultura. Nice!


And our bird landed

After 11 hours, we reached Paris, France.  I have no idea what the Captain and crew said meantime we were in the aeroplane, their English is too French. Whatever, I got in the airport and got lost.  Is a massive thing with particularly unhelpful signals.  On the bright side, all employees there speak a perfect English and Spanish.  On the dark side, there were no employees to ask questions at sight.  Besides that myth that says  “Frenchmen hate everyone else except themselves, and hate a little bit more British people”  applies to airport staff.  They messed my things, made up a weight limit that doesn’t exist  (is 23kg not 12), almost make me miss my flight and with all this I lost my money.  But hey! Who cares! I was again in a beautiful aeroplane, a bit smaller this time, straight to Krakow.  Also, I met a very nice gentleman, Jean-Baptiste, who works in the Fedora Globalisation Team.  As a plus, he’s French so the myth is just a myth. There were more people coming to FLOCK in the same flight but we could only see them once we landed.


French train


If in Paris I wasn’t feeling fine, in Krakow I just gave up.  It was hot and sunny and I was sweating and suffering because of my winter clothes (Jean-Baptiste was like “Boots? Really??).  But as soon as the car that was taking us to Krakow left the airport area, I completely forgot it.  The beauty of this land is so stunning that there are no words to describe it.


View of Poland from the plane.



View of a Krakowian road.


Sadly, I was so busy beholding this amazing land I completely forgot to take pictures.  Anyway, my mobile camera is absolute garbage, so it’s not that bad in the end.  But trust me, it’s BEAUTIFUL.  You should pay a visit if you have the chance.


Run, run

A very nice gentleman took some of us with him in his car and drove us to the hotel while talking and explaining some interesting stuff.  His name is Rafal and deserves a huge thanks for being so polite and helpful to everybody.

Eventually, we reached the hotel.  As I was tired and uncomfortable I mumbled a greeting to my room mate, got in the shower and went to sleep.  Or at least, that’s what I remember.


Next:  FLOCK and its talks.




View from our window








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