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After so many years without using Gnome Shell  (Fedora Workstation), I decided to come back and give it a try.  Not for any reason in particular but because I had to install Fedora from scratch and the only thing I had at hand was the Workstation live DVD I collected in FLOCK.  So I was trying and installing Gnome Shell on laptop with NVIDIA card and some particularities.  And then the fun begins…



NVIDIA? Seriously?

I didn’t know because the seller didn’t say, this machine has a NVIDIA card.  And a somewhat strange keyboard.  Not as exotic as to be Telugu or Polish, but enough to make me think twice.  Anyway, it didn’t matter.  It started and worked perfectly.  Now with a first bunch of updates, the transition between LightDM and Gnome shows strange decorations. It may get resolved with new updates, but I don’t care if they leave it this way.  It really doesn’t affect, just some black & white boxes between LightDM and Gnome Shell. Moreover, if I choose Gnome Classic this glitch disappears.

Anyway, if you’re interested to know, here is a picture of the error I took with my phone so excuse the lack of quality.


Besides that everything works perfect and now I see the difference between Intel & Nvidia.  Not that it would worth to mess with it or spend a lot of many to have a Nvidia Card, but certainly things look a lot better now.  And as far as I design this is truly important.


What changed, what is new, what is the same


There are things that are the same as when I moved to Fedora Cinnamon Spin long ago.  There are others that were changed in this last version, and many others that changed over the years but never noticed because I was using other desktops.

The song remains the same

  • The general look and workflow is the same in Gnome.  But you don’t need to go to a corner to see your open windows, just press Win key.
  • Default Gnome is bare and unfriendly.  You need to install Gnome Tweak Tool to properly use it.  For unknown reasons it doesn’t come installed by default in Workstation.
  • The lack of variation in themes (whether Shell or GTK) is still discouraging.  All themes look alike and the few that are slightly different… well, who knows if it fits your preferences or not.
  • Warnings are so discrete that you always run the risk of missing them.  In special if you don’t see well or you’re in a dark ambience.
  • If you want to create a link to a file or programme or whatever…  you can’t.

The certainty of change

  • As mentioned above, now you can use Win key in Gnome.  In Cinnamon it triggers the main menu and it’s configurable.  In Gnome Shell it shows activities, open windows and favourites.
  • The most valuable extensions come installed by default. You only need to activate or deactivate at will.
  • Now it has a task bar so you can easily jump from one window to another.
  • Menus are highly improved.  They’re discrete and grouped on right top.
  • Extensions website doesn’t work as well as it used to do.  Anytime I login, it says there is no Gnome system detected and refuse to install extensions. So I have to download the package.  But not always is well understood or compatible with my Gnome.
  • Now programme’s preferences and other little things are hidden in a menu up in the top bar.  You have to click in the tiny arrow next to the programme name.  It’s not nice at all, but I can live with it.
  • You can type many things in dash, not only programmes.  In example, if you write  “Mexico”  it will return the time in different Mexican cities.  Or if you want to do a quick sum, just write  number + number  and it returns the result. Gotta love it.
  • Drag&Drop became a complicated task.  Or it doesn’t work or it works opening the folder instead of just moving files.


  • Clipboard management is a pain.  Parcellite doesn’t work. And there’s only one extension available for that purpose.  But it works fine enough so I use it.
  • Maybe sometimes website doesn’t work as good as it should, but once it detects a Gnome environment, it’s KISS to install and uninstall extensions. So nice!
  • Everything is ridiculously tiny.  A huge screen with letters like ants and a cursor that could be a fly standing there.  And of course is impossible to configure. WTH??
  • Almost all themes are dark.  I need glasses so this is quite stressing, I see nothing most of time.  Luckily, I found a couple of light themes and that’s what I’m using right now.




I find Workstation lovely and I’m staying here by now.  But let’s see how long it lasts.  Lack of configuration get on my nerves and my eyes are crying for bigger stuff on the screen.  But in general, is amazing how much Gnome Shell have improved in the last times.  And I think that’s a goal scored in their favour.




Screenshot from 2016-08-12 10-52-00




20 thoughts on “Naughty Gnome

  1. I’m going to try to summarize the answers to some of your questions and concerns.
    1. Keyboard issues: I think that “English (international AltGr dead keys)” keyboard layout is what you need if you want to type in multiple Western European languages.
    2. Glitches when launching GNOME, drag-and-drop issues, clipboard issues, and all them disappear when you choose GNOME Classic – it all sounds to me like Wayland bugs. Are you using Wayland? If you choose GNOME non-classic but with classic display server will it get better?
    3. Why gnome-tweak-tool is not installed by default: I can only guess so my first guess is that installing applications is so easy. You just type the app name or even a part of its description into the search box. If it’s installed you can launch it immediately. Otherwise it will help you install it with one click. My other guess is that it’s considered an advanced tool. If you know how to install then you are smart enough to use it. If you can’t install it then better don’t touch it.
    4. Not enough themes: being a designer you’re welcome to design more! 🙂
    5. Warnings: I think you mean GNOME Notifications. Now you can open the calendar and see what notifications you missed in the past.
    6. What do you mean by a link to a program? or a file? A link at the desktop or at the left bar? You can right-click an application and add it to favourites. A link at the desktop? Unfortunately, the only way I’ve found is:
    – run gnome-tweak-tool, choose: Desktop → Icons on Desktop → ON;
    – open the Terminal;
    – run this command: cp -p /usr/share/yourapplicationname.desktop ~/Desktop
    – run this command: chmod +x ~/Desktop/yourapplicationname.desktop
    Note that the name “Desktop” may be different if you use your environment in a different language than English. It’s probably a dirty trick but it works.
    7. Installing and uninstalling GNOME Shell Extensions: now GNOME Software also supports the shell extensions, you can try it.
    8. Everything is tiny: if your screen is HiDPI (high density, many points per inch, do not mistake it with high resolution or HDMI) and was incorrectly recognized as LoDPI (normal) or you just want to force it into the HiDPI mode then: launch gnome-tweak-tool, go to Windows → HiDPI → Window scaling, choose 2 for HiDPI or 1 for LoDPI. Or if this is not what you want then you can go to Fonts → Scaling Factor and fine scale all your fonts.
    9. All themes are dark: I believe it’s because of the concern on the energy saving. Maybe you should search for some accessibility/light/high contrast theme. Indeed, your eyes are more valuable than the energy.

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  2. Hi! Thanks for commenting!
    1) Yes, thank you. I setted it up that way.
    2) How do I choose X instead of Wayland in Gnome Shell? I’ll try with Gnome Classic and let you know, but I will miss the fancy effects. And why using Gnome if I have no fancy effects? LEL
    3) I strongly disagree. All desktops come with tools to tweak by default, from the simplest to most complex, all of them have a way to tweak it. It’s Gnome only. Maybe its developers think we (Gnome users) are idiots?
    4) Haha… I’ll try. But to design stuff for a desktop you need to know about GTK (or QT) and CSS as minimum. I can learn. but I have other tasks first in queue.
    5) I thought that applies to Evolution notifications only. I was rather talking about the general notifications. On the other hand, depending on theme these are more or less visible. And once you get used… It’s not that bad.
    6) Right. Too much work for a link. It’s possible to do with a right click in any other desktop. Even Plasma 5 does it! I’m sorry but I won’t do that.
    7) Yeah, I finally got to install a couple of extensions. For some reason Firefox doesn’t show the permissions warning about installing stuff. It’s not only me, I saw other people with the same problem. The website doesn’t recognise a Gnome Shell environment so Firefox doesn’t show the warning about allowing or not the site to install stuff. I guess it’s bug but I have no idea where to report it and if it worth to do so.
    8) I change the HDPI factor and it was to worse. Changing font size or scale helps but isn’t the solution, menus, bars and so on are tiny anyway and…. ah… my eyes…
    9) I searched. But the fancy themes are for deprecated versions (like 3.14 or 3.12). And when themes aren’t dark then they are flat. I minutely hate them both, but flat/material in particular. LEL


  3. Hello. Stumbled upon your blog. I am also a happy Fedora user but a newbie. Tried almost all the popular distros and Fedora works the best for me. Are you still using Cinnamon. I am currently using Gnome but really wanting to change to Cinnamon. How is stability on that compared to Gnome? Thanks in advance. Have a good day

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    1. Hello!
      Since August I’ve been using Gnome. Works very well but I can’t tell how it is compared to Cinnamon. What I can say it’s that it’s impossible to use them both together because touchpads end completely useless. Both configurations are not compatible and mess each other.
      Said that, usually Cinnamon is more stable and less resources hungry than Gnome.
      Thanks for reading and commenting. Have a nice day you too.


  4. Hello! Would you mind if I share your blog with my twitter group?
    There’s a lot of people that I think would really enjoy your content.
    Please let me know. Many thanks

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    1. No, of course I don’t mind, go ahead, thanks for the interest. I’m glad my post is useful to others.
      And sorry for the late reply, I didn’t see this comment before.


    1. Hi, thanks for commenting here. I’m sorry I didn’t back to you earlier, somehow your comment end in the Spam folder.
      About the layout, no, it’s not a paid theme, I customised it myself using a free theme provided by WordPress.
      Thanks for your kind words.


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