Bits of story 

My tales are getting deleted fast because of a silly discussion, so I mean to publish at least one of my novels to rescue them. If I succeed, will be my first book published. Also, they will be read by Bruce Dickinson  (one of the protagonists) so… you don’t want him to miss stuff concerning to him, don’t you?

As a little teaser for you all, I’m posting some bits of story and the link to my book.

Introduction – Supernatural is coming…
It’s early night, a short curvy woman is going home walking dark roads. The city around is completely full of lights but not here, where the lamps broke and no one ever fixed them. She has no problem passing here, she perfectly knows the zone and it’s a quiet one. As she walks the streets hands in jacket pockets, she hears distant voices, maybe a family dining, and some from TV show. Many houses have a light or two on, it’s a nice evening tonight. Steady walking distracted by her own thoughts she doesn’t see what is before her. One block away from her building there’s a dead-end street at her left. When she gets there, raising up her head, sees this man in front of her, with what seems to be his dinner. Roughly taller than her, short haired and darkly dressed, his head is tilted and his face is shadowed. Confused and surprised by his silent presence, she tries to understand what’s going on. Spite his appearance and his nasty food, she’s not afraid, they’re both short and of a similar body type, she knows she can deal with him if he ever tries to attack. He or it, because the nature of this apparition is unclear. 

And then, he raises his head and opens his mouth showing his sharp teeth, seething… 


«This is a place that is an October country, a place where is always getting late. Where hills are mist and rivers are haze, where midday quickly pass but midnight stays forever. A place where darkness and dusk hours crawl beneath the trees…»

And this is the link : 

Thank you very much!! 


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