Fedora goes to NASA


Well, not literally. But I did attended the Space Apps Challenge as Fedora Ambassador and Contributor.  I joined a peculiar team working on Journey to Mars and I’m proud to say our project got through to the global instance.


Full room


Sadly, our project didn’t get through and to worse, most of my team mates abandoned.  But new people joined and the project is now alive in GitHub as a personal project and playground for Fedorians.  I still think this has a great future and if it could be used with an aircraft like the Airlander (e.g.) and Fedora as system base, it could be of a great help in many situations.


Airlander cockpit

Airlander cockpit


There were also some gifts like a book and a power bank provided by IBM and a blue t-shirt.

My pretty things (WP)

My deck post-hackathon


In any case, it was a very interesting experience and reminded me why I love hackathons so much.  I hope to participate in similar events in the near future.

As final note, I want to thank Marcello Farías who organised and made this event possible.


For those who might be interested, these are the links: 

Olympus Mons in NASA:    https://2016.spaceappschallenge.org/challenges/mars/space-route-66/projects/olympus-mons

Our project in GitHub:   https://github.com/spaceappsuy/olympus-project

Airlander Aircraft:   http://www.hybridairvehicles.com


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