Shame on you!

I firmly believe that Open Source Software is a better solution.  In any area.  For this reason, when I saw there’s an open alternative to Office 365 I thought I should give it a try.  I know is a beta but I didn’t expect what was going to happen.




I made an account and installed the app in my Android phone.  And that was all I could do.  No matter what, I could never log in nor use it because hey! is online use only so no office if you’re not connected.  And I can’t connect because the damned thing won’t let me log in.


No, thanks, with a heavy heart I’m still using Office in my phone.  It’s available offline and its account management is normal.  Not saying is perfect (I prefer LibreOffice)  but at least I can use it and login!  And up to now, on phones is the best I found.  I’m sorry.






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