New project on the air


Weeks ago I participated in Space Apps Challenge, that is very a interesting NASA hackathon open to everyone (not only engineers/programmers).  I joined a tiny team called Phobos building a project named “Olympus Mons”.  But now and then, my team left the project leaving me with a mess and no code (an IBM site we had is now closed).  One was angry because he didn’t get any important money and the other wasn’t angry but surely wanted a nice fortune too.  Whatever, I carried on and called for Fedora.


Original Olympus Mons scheme. (Courtesy by Leonardo Penni)


What is this about?

Originally this project was aimed to create a space base in Mars using easy to find materials and already existing technologies.  But now, this project aims to work and apply in Earth.  There are many situations where this idea can be used for the better.


And this is the reply…

Amit Kumar Jaiswal happily joined offering help in different areas.  Right now he’s creating a database using Docker.  And will document our work.

Boris Boudin offered help and will be testing stuff and working a bit on website stuff.

Void Space XZY  will code in Python with me as helper. 😀


What we have done up to now

  • Cloned the GitHub repo.
  • Started documenting our works and deleting useless stuff.
  • Picking technologies and languages to work on.
  • Gathering people interested to contribute.


What is in the queue 

  • Building a database (probably using Mysql or MariaDB).
  • A nice interface between database and user.
  • Populating the database with actual info.
  • Others…



Are you interested to contribute?  Send a message to  <>  or drop in my Facebook  /HakaseSylvia   (Sylvia Von Richthofen). 





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