Compiling Nvidia

You can install Nvidia drivers from RPM fusion repositories, Russian Fedora or other similar websites.  You can also use free driver like Bumblebee. But just in case someone is interested to know, here I’m translating an original article in Portuguese by Victor Oliveira.

First of all you have to download drivers for your video card from the Nvidia Official Site.  Then, update your kernel (if it’s not updated).  Once you’re sure you’re using the last kernel version, reboot  (or turn off and on your laptop).  Then install these packages:  kernel-devel kernel-headers gcc gcc-c++.

After installing run this command as root:  rubby –args=modprobe.blacklist=nouveau –update-kernel=ALL.  This way you’re disabling your free drivers.  It’s a wise idea to backup first the grub configuration file first.  Just in case you want to reverse this.

Now reboot  (or turn off and on)  again.  You’ll see your resolution suddenly became crappy, don’t worry, is normal as you’re using no drivers at all.   When you’re logged in open a terminal and, using your file browser in root mode, run your Nvidia drivers.  You can type this  /home/your-user/any-folder/NVIDIA-Linux*.run  in root terminal,  or run your file browser with root permissions and open the file.  As is executable it will run automatically.  In any case, a window will show up giving different options.  Just accept the license and press  “yes”  and  “next”.

And that’s it!   Your drivers are installed.  Reboot  (or turn off and on)  and everything should work smoothly.

Wait! It doesn’t work!

Don’t worry.  Just enable again your free drivers and delete your Nvidia stuff and things will be alright.

But I don’t want to delete them…

Perfect. Just disable your private drivers with the same command above  (replacing Nouveau with whatever name the Nvidia drivers has in your system)  and enable your free drivers.  That way everything will work as it did before installing but without deleting anything.



Hope this helps!




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