A new browser to the list


Days ago I’ve been told to install and use a new browser.  You may think  “Not yet another!”  but this promises having some new features and is Russian which may result in a good or bad point depending on your overlook.  Whatever, Russian became quite active as hackers first and Open Source software developers later.  In that situation, and trying to free themselves from the omnipresent US products, they released a beta version of their own browser:  Yandex.

You can download it from here:  https://browser.yandex.com/es/desktop/main/ 

But if you’re using Fedora you must be warned:  it will ask you to install around 90 packages and downgrading 2 others.  If you’re not ok with that, then don’t use it yet, it’s just a beta version this issues will be fixed with time  (I guess).  But if you’d like to try, there you have.







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