It could be the banner 3

In my quest for making a banner suitable to the new Arts & Design Series of articles in Fedora Magazine, Paul Frields gave me some nice ideas. I couldn’t make it to give those ideas a good look but some nice things came up in the process.

These are some of the results:


Original image with text only.

Text was added with Digikam/Showfoto.  Yet not easy but better than Gimp.



Same image with B&W effect to highlight the text.

I won’t say what programme I used for this one.  I’ll be thrown into the bonfire.


Con arts (localised effects)

Same image but with some painting effects on furniture.

I left limpid central image and text to apply a hand painting fuzzy effect on furniture.

Still working on Paul’s ideas…


Note:  All pictures have been resized to fit in my slow connection.  If anyone is interested in them, I can send the originals once I’m on a decent WiFi.  


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