Habemus laptop

After a month or so of research and some disappointments, I finally bought a new laptop.  Of course it’s not a shiny brand new trending model.  But it’s new and it’s awesome to me.

It’s a Toshiba Satellite coming with Windows 8 (may rest in peace) as you can see in this link:  http://www.cnet.com/products/toshiba-satellite-c655/specs/

The only different thing is the hard disc.  Mine is 500 GB but the default is over 600GB.

Now I have it running Fedora 23 Cinnamon Spin, with Plasma 5 as secondary desktop, fully updated, as you can see in the images below.

My laptop w SDDM

In the National Library, with SDDM as Login screen. Theme Maui.


Plasma 5

Cinnamon peace

Cinnamon peaceful beauty.


Interesting things I discovered:

  • The battery according to the seller, lasts 2,5 hrs.  Using Fedora, either KDE or Cinnamon, lasts almost 4,5 hrs.
  • Plasma Compositor, that never worked fine in my previous laptop, now is working smoothly in this laptop.  At least with the basic effects I use.
  • Plasma is still too heavy compared to Cinnamon.  Idle or just configuring something takes over 700 MB. Cinnamon reaches 700 MB when using many programmes or doing something heavy.
  • Plasma 5 doesn’t take many of the Fn keys nor Win.  Cinnamon takes them all, perfectly.
  • The myth of the huger the better is that, a myth.  4 GB and dual core is an awesome machine even for heavy use like editing videos. If you have trillion windows opened, you don’t need a better machine you need to be less lazy.  No human brain can process more than a certain flow of information.  Having things floating around is just a waste of resources.
  • KDE used to be most configurable and eye candy environment.  Not anymore. Cinnamon is way better, you can configure everything but GTK colours, has many nice effects and is more handy than Plasma 5.  On the other hand, LightDM is boring compared to SDDM which it’s not that good as KDM but better anyway.  However, I miss MDM.
  • 2,5 kg may sound a lot when you read it, but isn’t that much weight.  At my back (carrying the laptop with a backpack)  I don’t feel it heavy.  And when I have it working on my lap it doesn’t annoy.
  • Using a laptop sleeve is useful as extra protection.  But a sweater or a jacket in the backpack to keep the laptop still against your back works very well too.
  • Backpacks for laptops are heavy, huge and hot.  The manufacturers don’t seem to realise that tall Vikings living in the Northern countries aren’t the only users of these devices.  Just glancing at these bags make me sweat. And prices are ridiculous.
  • Holdalls for laptops aren’t correctly designed except for one or two models.  They’re usually heavy, stress my shoulders and back and costs a fortune.  Many of them are made as if the only thing in the world you’d need to carry is a laptop.
  • It’s a bit hurtful that touchpad is on the left instead of centre.  But as I’m not exclusively right handed, I just use my left leaving my right hand take a rest.
  • I’m in love with this laptop. I didn’t think this was possible but it is.
  • I need to put a brilliant sticker on a touchpad side.  There’s nothing to indicate where is the vertical scrolling.  And everything is black!  Horizontal is easy to find.
  • Glossy screens are awesome.  But when the light is falling directly on the screen, glossy is a pain in the… a headache.


Now my laptop is correctly introduced to the world, let’s go!

Playing with paper planes





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