A silly but annoying thing

Recently, someone who signs as Avon, found a silly but annoying issue on a programme called Cockpit.  Being myself an aviation enthusiast, this name is kinda confusing  (cockpit is where the pilot is placed).  But the programme exist and it’s quite useful to those who need it. I won’t explain about the programme itself, there’s already good pages about it and a future article in Fedora Magazine to see details.  I’ll explain this issue and give the solution found in case other come across this situation.

The Issue

It happened that, for unknown reasons, my friend found cockpit reject his credentials without explanation.  No error messages, just returning to a login prompt.  After checking that password was correctly typed and none of the users with admin privileges (including root) were working started to look up for a solution, wondering what could be wrong.

Avon found this: http://forums.fedoraforum.org/showthread.php?t=305886  but it wasn’t quite the same.  Or at least their solutions didn’t work.

The Solution

As I said, this is quite silly.  The thing was that Cockpit was presenting a native browser login prompt.  This native login prompt doesn’t work  (a bug maybe?).  To make Cockpit work you must use the built-in login prompt instead.  Just that.  And it works again.

not working (blurred)

Not working prompt login. It’s in Spanish and it says “Authentication is required”

working (blurred)

Working prompt.


Hope it’s useful!


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