DP Journal – Lesson 01

  In every sample, the first line above is the model with its swatches, and the second is my work.  You can click on the pictures to see them better.  I used Krita for all of them because booting into Windows to use Photoshop made the task really painful.  Anyways, the instructions work for both [...]

Digital Painting – A Journal

  I decided to do something useful with my spare time since COVID-19 has got us all in a limbo.  With little work to do, learning something it's a good way to move forward in my opinion. So I joined Schoolism and took up Bobby Chiu's Digital Painting course.  I'm in my second lesson now, [...]


  Well, more socialisation in Gaelic.  This time is variations of  "How are you?" and their answers.  Plus the inevitable talk about the weather.  There are some differences between areas depending on dialect; they're all correct as far as I know. Singular  (directed to one person) Munster: "Conas atá tú?"  https://www.speakpipe.com/voice-recorder/msg/ldly12yktigvjzk9 Connacht: "Cén chaoi a [...]

My story in Fedora

  Two years ago, for one week, Fedora Magazine published some articles about the Fedora Appreciation Day and Fedora's fifteen anniversary.  So I thought of sharing them here and telling a quick version of my story in Fedora, plus the first part of History of Fedora series and my (very old) interview for Fedora Magazine. [...]

My thoughts about learning with Duolingo

  I tried learning Gaelic (Gaeilge or Irish) using Duolingo. I used both, website and app.  Pointless.  While the website has some more information than the app, both fail miserably at teaching you the language.  In 15 days the only things I learnt and remember came from another website.  Everything I did in Duolingo entered [...]