Call to action!

  Portuguese Nosso amigo Panda (Adriano) Precisa de ajuda. A esposa dele se encontra no leito da UTI com covid-19 e o mesmo aparentemente tambem se encontra com covid. Peço Humildemente que quem puder ajudar com valores para a compra de um cilindro de 50 Litros + Kit respirador + Frete do paraná para Manaus [...]

Why I don’t report bugs anymore

  In one line:  because they're rude and unfriendly when they bother to answer.  Most of the time, they just completely ignore you. Just look at this example: What's fucking wrong with this person? Or look at this: It's a frustratingly long list of issues reported with hardly any solved.  Some don't even [...]

Live session Fedora!

  The Event This weekend, January 30th, there will be a live session streamed online via YouTube.  It will be mainly for Portuguese speakers since it's organised from Brazil, but everyone is welcome.  We will talk about how to create a FAS account, get acquainted with Fedora structures and start contributing.  It's open to everyone [...]

DP Journal – Lesson 01

  In every sample, the first line above is the model with its swatches, and the second is my work.  You can click on the pictures to see them better.  I used Krita for all of them because booting into Windows to use Photoshop made the task really painful.  Anyways, the instructions work for both [...]

Digital Painting – A Journal

  I decided to do something useful with my spare time since COVID-19 has got us all in a limbo.  With little work to do, learning something it's a good way to move forward in my opinion. So I joined Schoolism and took up Bobby Chiu's Digital Painting course.  I'm in my second lesson now, [...]