Socialising in Ireland

  As a Dubliner told me, the Irish love talking, they'd talk to the wall if the wall talk them back. Talking to others, greeting, introducing yourself and making friends are mandatory.  From doing groceries to going to the pub, you'll have to talk, and the more the better.  Although the vast majority of Irish [...]

Random words & phrases in Gaeilge

  I recorded myself saying these words and phrases to practice my pronunciation.  So far, Irish doesn't seem to make any sense and I'm having a hard time to guess the sound from what I'm reading.  Hopefully, I'll get better over time. The words in English are  Good day, Good day to you, Tea, My [...]

On Gaeilge or Irish language

  Blame it on the lockdown, but I decided to learn Irish language.  After two days struggling to understand the language with no grammar or explanations of any sorts, because apps only toss some words at you and expect you to understand what's going on, I stumbled upon a website called Future Learning.  They have [...]

My first Fedora Classroom

  Last Monday I gave my first online talk/class.  You can read about it in this article in Fedora Magazine. It was streamed on Youtube in Fedora Channel and you can see the recording there.  My voice sounds horrible, way worse than what I thought, and way too loud.  I'm truly sorry for that, because [...]

Riot for Fedora!

  Riot has now a RPM-based client, so anyone willing to install it on Fedora can do and it's compatible with F28, F29 & F30. Riot also has versions for OpenSuse Leap & Tumbleweed and for RHEL and CentOS. More info, check their Github repository: