Bug squashing successes

  You may remember an article I wrote some time ago, complaining about the misdemeanor of some devs/maintainers when it came to bugs and feature requests.  While I still stand by what I said, I'd like to point out I'm slowly returning to my contributions to open source.  And I want to mark that return [...]


QA News

  For a number of reasons that I'm not going to cover here because they have been extensively discussed elsewhere in the open source community, Fedora decided to move away from Freenode and start to use Libera for meetings. Note that this is not a change of means of communication in itself. Fedora it's still [...]

Call to action!

  Portuguese Nosso amigo Panda (Adriano) Precisa de ajuda. A esposa dele se encontra no leito da UTI com covid-19 e o mesmo aparentemente tambem se encontra com covid. Peço Humildemente que quem puder ajudar com valores para a compra de um cilindro de 50 Litros + Kit respirador + Frete do paraná para Manaus [...]